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Talk360 is the best app to call international; you can call any mobile and landline phone number in the world. It’s a single purpose app that is understandable for everyone as it resembles the use of a regular mobile phone. Customers use their existing phone number as caller ID, so the receiver does not even notice a difference. As there is no need for the receiver to be online or have the app installed, Talk360 surpasses the limitations of popular free alternatives. With Talk360, it is easy to get in touch and stay in touch with. We provide accessible & easy to use telecom service to our customer base each month.

Our new South African radio advertisement is now live on AlexFM!

AlexFM 89.1 - "Elevate Your Mind" is a community radio station which serves the community of Alexandra as well as communities beyond the boundaries of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Curious? Click on the video to listen to the radio advertisement.

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Charlotte Paulus
Brand Manager Talk360