Impacting the world and empowering the underserviced

22 employees

‍190+ countries

4m monthly calls

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Our story

What started in 2016 as a simple app to help people call their friends and family has grown into a business with global reach and users in over 190 countries.
We aim to offer anyone the opportunity to call at affordable rates with good quality as we are developing new technologies and provide more services for our happy users.


Scaling up the team, rebranding and redeveloping our core focus.


Optimizing all our major campaigns and streamline our marketing focus.


Over 750.000 points of sales added in Africa as we grow rapidly online.


Developing our product and hitting top lists in the app stores.


Dean Hiine and Jorne Schamp join as co-founders of the company.


The start of our company after  new insights from previous ventures.

We are on a mission to connect lives

With a diverse team around the world we are on a mission to connect lives and bridge distance with our international calling app used in 190+ countries.

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