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To a large percentage of society, digital channels of communication are something they are born with. To others, it is a privilege to talk to far away family members and friends. Today, only 41% of the world has access to internet, and the most heavily hit are underserviced communities in developing countries. This makes basic things, such as calling friends and family, complicated and expensive. Current free calling options require both caller and receiver to have a stable and good internet connection, as well as a smartphone. Other offline solutions are expensive. This leaves a great part of the world lacking essential communication services that are accessible and affordable to them.
Hans, Jorne and Dean sitting on some steps
“We believe that everyone should be connected to the world.”
Co-founders Hans Osnabrugge,
Dean Hiine & Jorne Schamp
Talk360 was created in 2016 by co-founders Hans, Jorne and Dean. The Talk360 international calling app allows reliable and affordable phone calls to any offline landline or mobile phone in the world. It is a simple app that helps people call their friends, reach out to their family, and speak with their loved ones over the phone. As the call receiver does not need internet, the Talk360 app, or a smartphone, this solution was able to connect 2 million people in 2021, no matter where they were located or whether they had internet access.
Our mission is to create shared value by offering a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use service, delivered in a localized manner to all communities, particularly the underserviced, so they can connect to the world.
We, at Talk360, have a special focus on Africa. Not only is Dean, one of the co-founders, South African, but we also believe that Africa is where we can make the most positive impact.

While rolling out Talk360’s mobile calling app in South Africa, we identified another big challenge which we believe we can solve. Over 70% of all African consumers are unable to purchase international digital services, like call credit for Talk360. The problem is that the African payment culture is diverse and scattered with cash and different wallets & cards. Each African country has its unique card or wallet solution. Many international payment providers do not support these local wallets or cards, nor all 54 local African currencies.

To bridge this distance, we are creating a unique distribution network of digital & physical locations, as well as continuing to build our extensive agent referral programme. Building upon this in 2022, we will launch the world's first single checkout payment platform combining all local currencies & payment methods for all Africans. This platform will enable Africans to purchase services they never had access to before.

Connecting everyone, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Talk360 is a purpose driven company whose mission is to create value by connecting those that are underserviced. We strive to better not only our users’ communications, but relationships. Talk360 contributes to peoples’ lives. Thus, we are committed to the following three Sustainable Development Goals:
Sustainable Development Goal 1
No Poverty
Talk360 contributes to combating poverty by providing access to communication technology for everyone. This allows for equal access to basic services and technology. Furthermore, due to our affordable prices and easy access to purchase call credit, Talk360 enhances the resilience of the poor.
Sustainable Development Goal 8
Decent work and economic growth
Talk360’s agent referral programme, where agents can earn income for distributing and referring new customers, supports micro-entrepreneurship and decent work for all.
Sustainable Development Goal 9
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Talk360 contributes to enlarge access to communication technologies across Africa and other developing countries, which supports human wellbeing. Moreover, with our payment platform we aim to enhance the financial and technological access to Africa.
And we are only getting started. Our goal is to grow Talk360 and with it expand our outreach and serve even more communities: better services, optimized rates, easy-to-use and navigate payment methods.

With a global and diverse team committed to this ideal, we connect lives and bridge distances, reaching over 190 countries and connecting everyone — getting their voices heard and impacting the future. We entrust everyone with the power of communication.

Join us in connecting Africa to the world

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