Share your credit with a friend

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How does it work?

Just follow the steps below and start sharing your credit:
Share credit - step 1
Step 1
Open the Talk360 app, go to the ‘Menu’ and click on ‘Share Credit’.
Share credit - step 2
Step 2
Choose whom to share credit with by clicking on "Choose from contacts" or input your friend's number.
Share credit - step 2
Step 3
Choose the amount you want to share and click on share credit.
Share credit - step 4
Step 4
The credit will be automatically added to your friend's account and can be used right away to start calling.
Share credit - step 5
Step 5
You can share the good news and let your friend know that you shared your credit. You can do this by clicking on “Tell your friend”.
Share credit - step 6
Step 6
You will both receive confirmation via in-app messaging when the credit has been shared.

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