Burning Questions with Talk360 Backend Developers

The Talk360 team has recently welcomed two new Talketeers: Oluwadamilola Hundeyin (Dami) and Oke Agi-Tuedor, who joined as our new Backend Developers. Ever since their start as Talketeers, Dami and Oke have been dedicating their time to work on the new African payment platform which combines over 160 payment methods, giving Africans access to digital services for the first time.

Dami is a Nigerian expat, based in Ontario, Canada. He is a master's student specializing in Computer Science. Oke is based in Lagos, Nigeria where he worked for many years in backend development and improving businesses in various industries.

Dami and Oke are both remote employees at Talk360. What is their day-to-day like, and how do they stay connected to their colleagues? We asked them a few burning questions about developer-life at Talk360, and the answers can be found below!

Why did you join Talk360?

Dami: I joined Talk360 earlier this year because I was excited for the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge in the FinTech industry. Before joining Talk360, I used my skills to improve businesses such as fashion and education. Now, I get to be part of a purposeful mission to make Africa a better place and connect Africans to the rest of the world.  

Oke: When I first heard about Talk360, what really interested me was the opportunity to join a start-up environment and be part of building something from the ground up. That is, the African payment platform. I was also excited to join the company mission, as that gives my job a purpose and a positive impact on people’s lives.

How were your first months at Talk360?

Dami: My first months at Talk360 were quite exciting and eventful. On the technical side, we have been working with the Talk360 framework, which means there are new challenges every day. I like this because it is mentally stimulating, as you must dig deeper into coding and figure out how something was built before you became part of the project. This is not something developers experience every day, so I am glad to be in that position.

Oke: Being a Talketeer has been quite a wonderful experience! We have been working on updating the framework and modifying it, which is like solving a puzzle. When I need help, my team is always there for me to immediately assist me or answer my questions. That is why I feel lucky to have their support while solving these puzzles together.

What is the most exciting part about your job at Talk360?

Dami: The most exciting part of my role is the coding aspect. Personally, I look forward, every day, to solving puzzles and problems in coding. When things get stuck, I like to talk it out with my team, who is always available to give valuable input on my challenges. I like these coding challenges because they make every day different, and that is not something a lot of developers get to say.

Oke: Personally, I feel very motivated when I see the result of my work in coding and realize that it is a product that thousands of people rely on in their everyday lives. That is my ultimate satisfaction as a Backend Developer. The most exciting part of my day-to-day is when I see the finished product and understand its impact on people’s lives.

Oke working from home in Lagos, Nigeria.
Oke working from home in Lagos, Nigeria.

How is backend development for Talk360 unique compared to other industries?

Dami: What makes developing at Talk360 stand out is the ability to help people in Africa. I am from Nigeria, and in my home country, international payments are not possible. Banking cards also have spending limits. Nigerians are unable to purchase any digital services, which means they have been largely missing out. While development is an exciting job in general, what makes backend development for Talk360 stand out to me, is that my hard work will allow Africans to make local or international payments, using their local currencies and payment methods. In other words, I get to use my skills in new ways, to make Africa a better place.

Oke: In other industries, the work of a Backend Developer usually impacts the product only. However, when working at Talk360, your skills and experience not only impact the product but also benefit people in their everyday lives as a result. It is such a unique and wonderful opportunity to be able to use your coding skills to improve other people’s lives and move Africa to grow into the innovation hub I know it can and will be.  

How is it working for an international company with international colleagues?

Dami: When I first started at Talk360, I was pleasantly surprised by how warm and welcoming my colleagues are. Being the only employee in Canada, my daily rhythm is different from that of other people here. My colleagues always show appreciation for the effort I do to be in sync with them, and I am grateful for that friendly environment. I stay connected with my team members constantly, and they immediately provide help when I need it as if we were in the same room. The team’s dynamic urgency makes me feel like I am with them at the office, while being in the comfort of my own home.

Oke: I am always in touch with my colleagues online. Aside from my daily stand-up with my team members, we use platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to have company-wide events and chats. Once a month, we have a companywide All Hands meeting where we dedicate the last part to getting to know each other better and on a deeper level. My colleagues at Talk360 are very communicative and understanding and I could not have wished for more!

Do you want to join our global Talk360 team on our journey to connect Africa to the world? Check out our Careers page and get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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