Expected market changes may affect call rates to Nigeria

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced that an increase in international calling rates to Nigeria will take effect on September 1st.  

This comes as the NCC announced the increase of the International Termination Rate (ITR) from $0.045 to $0.10. This rate is paid by international operators to local operators in Nigeria for terminating international calls. According to The Guardian Nigeria, the new ITR will go in effect on September 1st, causing local operators to have to increase their termination rate to $0.10.  

The new ITR is being put in place in an attempt to help Nigeria's telecommunications sector become more financially viable should the devaluation of the Nigerian Naira continue. That’s why the higher rate is to be paid by international to local operators in US dollars.

At Talk360, we connect our users to any mobile or landline in the world by dealing with international operators. That’s why the ITR change could possibly impact our business in the future, by requiring a calling rate increase to Nigeria. At the moment, call rates to Nigeria remain the same. Our team continues to work hard on ensuring the best call quality and most affordable rates for our users who call Nigeria.

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