Bekele uses Talk360 for his small business

Bekele is an Ethiopian shop owner who resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since 2016, Bekele has been selling Talk360 airtime in his shop to Talk360 users.

During this time, Bekele has noticed the difference in calling rates between Talk360 and other expensive local networks in South Africa. That’s why, Bekele also uses Talk360 to call locally in South Africa, as well as internationally for business needs. When he has friends who need airtime, Bekele buys credit and uses the Share Credit feature in the Talk360 app.

Are you curious to hear about Bekele’s experience with Talk360? Watch the video below.


My name is Bekele Kiboro Arigo. I'm from Ethiopia. I'm living in, South Africa, Johannesburg, Randfontein. My community, I'm very close to them. Running a business, whatever they need, they are getting, easily without getting any problem.

The challenge that we are facing with running a business, especially with other networks, is that they are more expensive than Talk360. With these ones, we have heavy challenges, especially, in a country that doesn't have network access or internet access.

I heard from the agent Tshepo about Talk360, and how this app is. So, he explained it to us, then from there, we started.

It's a good product to sell. I started selling it in 2016. Talk360 customers are coming and buying regularly. Sometimes I'm using Talk360 to contact suppliers or even in this country to call regularly. I'm using it. It's a very cheap network.

My friends, if they don't have airtime, we can share with them from our airtime. There is credit, so we can share that from our airtime, and we can credit it to their Talk360 account. I do explain it to them, then they also buy more and are learning about it.

In one word I can describe Talk360, it is a very helpful app.

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