Talk360 helps Chimezie call his family in Nigeria

Talk360 international calling app helps you reach your community without worrying about the costs of calling or the quality of your call!

Chimezie uses Talk360 to reliably call his loved ones back home without interruptions.

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable way to call Nigeria? Listen to Chimezie’s experience with Talk360 below.


I'm Chimezie Uzoukwu. I'm from Nigeria, currently working, and also part-time studying. My community means a lot to me because I feel like that's everything there is about me. It's the core of everything about me, so it means a lot.

One of the challenges that I face in keeping in touch with loved ones is, of course, the cost of calling. That would be to me, the first problem, the first challenge. I usually call family, my mother, my siblings, and then of course, friends. I try to call, I think, almost every day if I'm being honest.

I heard about Talk360 through a friend. One of the things Talk360 has actually helped me with is slashing the cost of calling. Before, I wouldn't call quite frequently, and I also wouldn't talk for so long because of course it's expensive, but now the frequency of my calls are more and I also talk longer, and it's also very reliable.

I usually buy Talk360 credits using my credit card. Sometimes I also just buy via the Play Store option, so where I buy and then they charge me later.

My favorite Talk360 feature is the credit-sharing option. Usually, to buy credit for your loved ones at home, you almost have to... There are so many charges, and it's not straightforward. But now I think it's easy because I can easily just share credit with my loved ones. And I really like that.

I have already recommended Talk360 to a few friends. These friends also, they go through the same thing that I go through, which is trying to keep in touch with family and friends back home. So that was the reason I did introduce them to it because cost-wise, it's very good. And reliability is also there.

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