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The whole world in one place? Impossible, you would say. But at EXPO2020, nothing is impossible. We have seen the newest innovative technologies, enjoyed immersive country experiences, and listened to inspiring people from all over the world. The world's biggest event with over 190 participating countries is a launchpad for global collaboration for creating a better future through sustainability, mobility and opportunity. Sounds amazing, right? What's even better? We, Carmen and Charlotte, got the chance to explore and visit EXPO2020.

Exploring the world

Walking around at EXPO makes you feel like a kid in a theme park. You’ll feel the excitement and anticipation, a feeling which is strengthened by the epic, soundtrack-like music filling the streets. So, when we spotted a gigantic venue, wrapped in colorful strings, we were ready to be amazed. The Russia pavilion went all out on showing us around the human mind, with a 15-meters wide digital brain as a centerpiece. Similar mind-blowing experiences were created by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the Dutch pavilion also surprised us with their video projection on umbrellas. The contrast with most African pavilions was big though, as they were much smaller and focused on selling their country as a good investment opportunity. This was a great chance for us to read about the economy, opportunities, and digital connection. We spoke to people from Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, learning about their accessibility to the internet, affordability, and preferred payment methods. We thoroughly enjoyed these interactions and, of course, never left the pavilion without promoting Talk360 by sharing a flyer for free Talk360 call credit.

Dubai Exposition 2020
Carmen and Charlotte standing next to a South African flag during the Dubai Expo 2020

Leaving no one behind

Throughout the week we visited several business events. These events involved panel discussions by professionals from all different sectors, working towards a common goal; creating a more sustainable future. In a discussion on the fourth industrial revolution, they touched upon the topic of leaving no one behind. Panelists stressed the importance of localization. To adapt to the needs of the market by co-creation, not only through partnerships but by talking to and learning from competitors. The G-STIC event continued on this topic by discussing the digital divide between the developed and developing worlds. The key take-away for us was the importance of digital equity and inclusion, to assure that every person can fully participate in society. Next to accessibility and affordability, also digital literacy, the ability to understand the technology, is key in leaving no one behind.

Dubai Expo 2020 Talk

Be inspired

We also visited events about inspirational stories and storytelling. The main event we would like to highlight is the masterclass in storytelling. During this event, four professionals shared their best practices on storytelling and creating positive impact. Several ideas were mentioned, like immersive and solution-based storytelling, being creative and making stories locally relevant. But the main thing that all professionals mentioned was that you need to enable people to tell the stories and give them a platform or stage. Immerse yourself in the communities, connect and listen. Stories that touch emotions will stick with you and others, and help you start new conversations. If you genuinely listen and care, you will hear the stories and you can share them with the world.  

The masterclass was truly inspiring. At Talk360, we are trying to focus more on the stories but not often enough. We do listen to our users and hear their stories. But there are many more beautiful stories to tell, and this masterclass reminded us of this.

A better tomorrow

We, Carmen and Charlotte, both used our Personal Development Budget from Talk360 to visit the EXPO2020 in Dubai. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals, innovative technologies to create a better future, and the beautiful, diverse cultures in the world. It was an incredibly inspiring week, and it was enriching for both our personal and career development. We are grateful to have had the chance to see the whole world in one place at EXPO2020.

Charlotte and Carmen posing at the Expo 2020 sign

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