Technical Issues

How can I get a new activation code?
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To request a new activation code, open the application and select on ‘Sign in’. Enter your phone number and click on ‘Send me a new code’. You will automatically receive a text message with your new 4 digit code.

I am not able to log in and receive an error: ‘Number has already been taken’
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To login with your account select the ‘Sign in’ on the welcome screen.

Here you can enter your registered mobile number and activation code (or request a new activation code). Choose ‘Start’ on the welcome screen to create a new account and login to Talk360. If you are already registered and have an existing account, you will receive the error ‘number already been taken’, when you try to enter the app using the ‘Start” button.

People have trouble hearing me or I cannot hear them.
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Please make sure to use a stable and a good internet connection as the quality of the call is highly dependent on the quality of the connection.

Try the connection via 3G/4G/LTE, as well as via WiFi, to see if any differences pop up.In the case of the Apple operating system iOS, you may have disabled the ability of Talk360 to use your microphone.

Please go to the iOS settings application. Select ‘Privacy’ followed by ‘Microphone’. Switch the microphone on for Talk360. The receivers of your call should now be able to hear you.

I am not able to make a connection from the Middle East.
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Unfortunately, there can be problems with VoIP services in the Middle East. These problems are due to local governmental policies. This results in some Talk360 users not being able to make a connection in this region at this moment. However, these blockings are not permanent and not applicable to all regions. There are also customers able to make successful calls. Please see if the VoIP is blocked for your provider and try again after a couple of days, as you may be able to call again.

I am connected to WiFi but cannot call.
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It is possible that the WiFi network to which you are connected blocks VoIP services by an internal firewall. Check the settings of your router or contact the administrator of your network. If this does not solve the problem try calling via another WiFi network or a 3G/4G/LTE network. If calling over 3G/4G also does not work, please contact support, including your phone number (including country code).

Can I use Bluetooth while calling?
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On iOS devices, we do support Bluetooth. Once you are connected to a Bluetooth point, you can continue your call like a regular call.On Android devices we do not support Bluetooth yet.

How do I change my telephone number and transfer my existing credit?
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To change your mobile number, simply create a new account with your new telephone number. Afterwards, please send us an email with both your new and your old telephone number to let us transfer any remaining credits.

Can I cancel my Talk360 account?
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You can cancel your account with us at any time. Please contact support and inform us the reason for cancelling your account, as we would like your help to understand how we can improve Talk360 in the future.Note that remaining credits cannot be refunded.

I can't receive the login code by SMS.
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Talk360 accounts always need to be verified. If you cannot receive the activation code via text message, please use the ‘Call me’ function. This will allow us to call you to inform you of the activation code.


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