Getting Started

What is Talk360?
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Talk360 is a mobile VoIP application that allows you to call any phone in the world for just a fraction of the price of traditional telecom companies. No matter where you are in the world, our rates to the country you are calling remain the same!

Where can I download the app?
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You can download it in both app stores: For IPhone devices visit the iOS App Store. For Android devices visit the Google Play Store.

How do I create an account?
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After downloading the app on your device simply follow the steps using your existing numbers. Make sure to enter the activation code you will receive via SMS message.

What if I did not receive an activation code?
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Please check the phone number you entered. If your number is not entered correctly, simply register again with the correct phone number. You can only register your e-mail address once, if you have registered your e-mail address with the incorrect number, please contact support.If your number is entered correctly, but you did not received your activation code, you can use the ‘Call me’ function to receive a free phone call with your activation code.The ‘Call me’ prompt will appear after 60 seconds on the activation code screen.

What if I accidently registered the wrong number?
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There is nothing to worry about. In order for you to create an account and start using Talk360, simply register again with the correct phone number.You can only register an email address once.


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