How it works

How do I make a call?
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Make sure you have enough credit to make a call and check if your connection to the internet is of an appropriate quality. Talk360 seamlessly integrates with your contact list, so you can simply pick a contact from your list or alternatively use the keypad to manually select a number to dial.

Please note that Talk360 does not yet recognize all local phone number notation conventions. Therefore, in order to reach certain destinations it might be necessary to enter the phone number in the international phone number format: a ‘+’, followed by the country code, followed by the rest of the phone number without spaces or other symbols.

For example, the USA number +1 (800) 275-2273 should be entered as +18002752273.

This is particularly sensitive to contact list entries stored with an additional international prefix, such as 011 for North America.

Do I need internet connection to make a call?
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Talk360 requires either a stable WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE internet connection. The better the quality of the connection, the better the quality of the call.Note that your provider may charge roaming costs for the use of 3G/4G/LTE if you are calling from outside your country of residence. To avoid additional costs, Talk360 recommend connecting to a stable WiFi connection.

What are the costs for making a call?
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The costs of your phone call are dependent on:
- Our standard connection fee
- The destination you are calling to (the country of origin of the dialled number)
- If the number you are calling is a mobile or a landline number

You can find our rates here or in the app.

Do I have to pay for roaming?
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When you call over WiFi, no extra costs are charged. However, when you call over 3G/4G/LTE the subscription with your mobile internet provider will determine whether you pay any extra data roaming costs.

Does the receiver need an internet connection?
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No. Talk360 users can call any mobile or landline in the world because unlike other apps, the person you are calling doesn’t need the app installed or to be online! As you’re calling from your registered number, the receiver won’t even notice that you are calling with an app.

Can I make emergency calls?
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Due to the nature of the VoIP system, Talk360 cannot be used for emergency calls.

Can I send or receive SMS messages?
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Talk360 can be used to make low cost calls to anyone, anywhere, anytime. However, it is not possible to send or receive text messages with our service. This is because Talk360 is a one-purpose app to make phone calls, in this way we can keep our rates as low as possible.

Can I also receive calls?
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Talk360 can be used to make low-cost calls to anyone, anywhere, anytime. However, it is not possible to receive phone calls on your Talk360 account as Talk360 is a one-purpose app. This enables us to keep our rates as low as possible.


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