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Talk360 is the best international calling solution for making reliable international or local calls to any phone without internet across the world. With the Talk360 app, you can call any landline or mobile device in Romania. What’s great about that? Only the caller needs to have the Talk360 calling app on their phone. The receiver of the call does not notice that you are communicating via an mobile app. Calling friends, family, clients, or business relations in Romania with the Talk360 app is simple & saves you a lot of money.

in this blog, we tell you about helpful tips on how to call Romania with Talk360, the benefits of the Talk360 international calling app, how it differs to other international calling services, & finally, we give you the fun facts about this amazing country.

Let’s get started!

How to Call Romania with Talk360

Keeping in contact with people who reside in another country leads to high calling rates & confusing calling criteria. For this reason, Talk360 makes calling Romania simple & affordable. With Talk360, you can call Romania at affordable per-minute prices.

To call a fixed line in Romania from the United States, simply follow these easy to follow dialing tips:

  • first dial 011, the U.S. exit code;
  • next dial 40, the country code for Romania;
  • then dial the area code (1-2 digits. See a sample calling code list below);
  • and finally, dial the phone number (5–7 digits).

If you’re calling Romania from anywhere in the world, you simply need to do the following:

  • type the exit code: It’s also referred to as the IDD code (International Direct Dialing) or ISD code (International Subscriber Dialing). For most countries, it’s 00 or +. For the USA and Canada, it’s 011;
  • dialing code: Each country has a unique dialing code;
  • area code: This is the code for a part of Romania. It’s generally a simple area or a city;
  • local number: The local number you would like to dial.

Here is a list of the most populated area codes and town calling codes in Romania:

Click to expand the list with area codes
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RegionArea Code
Alba258, 358
Arad257, 357
Arges248, 348
Bacau234, 334
Bihor259, 359
Bistrita-Nasaud263, 363
Botosani231, 331
Braila239, 339
Brasov268, 368
Bucharest and Ilfov County21, 31
Buzau238, 338
Calarasi242, 342
Caras-Severin255, 355
Cluj264, 364
Constanta241, 341
Covasna267, 367
Dambovita245, 345
Dolj251, 351
Galati236, 336
Giurgiu246, 346
Gorj253, 353
Harghita266, 366
Hunedoara254, 354
Ialomita243, 343
Iasi232, 332
Maramures262, 362
Mehedinti252, 352
Mures265, 365
Neamt233, 333
Olt249, 349
Prahova244, 344
Salaj260, 360
Satu Mare261, 361
Sibiu269, 369
Suceava230, 330
Teleorman247, 347
Timis256, 356
Tulcea240, 340
Valcea250, 350
Vaslui235, 335
Vrancea237, 337

You’ve now learned how to call Romania. With Talk360, you simply have to buy call credit and enter the mobile number you want to communicate with.

Fun facts about Romania

  • The name “Romania” comes from the Latin word “Romanus” which means “citizen of the Roman Empire.”
  • The Parliament Palace in Romania’s capital of Bucharest is the second largest building in the world, behind only the Pentagon. The building is 84m high. It is also the heaviest building in the world.
  • Bucharest is also called “Little Paris.” The city’s Arcul de Triumf was constructed in 1935 to be modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
  • According to legend, Bucharest was named after a shepherd called Bucur who was in love with a young lady named Dâmboviţa, like the river that flows through the city.
  • Calea Victoriei was the first road built in Bucharest and initially called The Wooden Road. Why? Because it was paved with tree trunks and planks.
  • The Memorial of Rebirth monument celebrates the struggles and victims of the Romanian Revolution of 1989 which overthrew Communism.
  • Romania’s 22,298km rail network is the 15th most extensive in the world. Bucharest’s mass transit network is the fourth largest in Europe.
  • Francesco Illy, the founder of Illycaffè, was born in Timisoara, Romania in 1892. He also invented the first automatic steam espresso coffee machine.
  • Romania is home to four Nobel Prize laureates: George Emil Palade (medicine), Elie Wiesel (peace), Herta Müller (literature) and Stefan Hell (chemistry).
  • Peles Castle in Sinaia was the first European castle entirely lit by electrical current. The electricity was produced by the castle’s own plant and its central heating system, built in 1888, is still functional and in use today. In 1889, Timisoara became the first in Europe to have electric street lighting.
  • The tallest wooden church in the world, and the second tallest wooden structure in Europe, is found in Sapanta Peri, Maramures of northwestern Romania. The 257 foot tall church is topped by a 23 foot cross that weighs 1,000lbs.
  • The first ever perfect 10 awarded in the Olympic Games went to Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci for her performance on the uneven bars in Montreal, Canada in 1976.
  • The Romanian language is 1,700 years old.
  • The earliest Homo sapiens fossils, up to now, were discovered in 2002 in southwestern Romania, in the Cave of Bones. The fossil’s age is estimated at 37,800 to 42,000 years old.
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What is Talk360?

Talk360 is an affordable and reliable international calling app that you can use to call any mobile and landline number in the world. Unlike free calling services, the receiver of the call does not need internet, or the app installed.

With Talk360 it is easy to start calling and affordable to keep calling! Who will you call?

The benefits of Talk360

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High call quality

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Affordable rates

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Receiver does not need internet

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Easy to use

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Free test call

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No subscription. No new SIM.

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Local payment methods accepted

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Buy in your local currencies

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14-day money guarantee

What are the Differences with Other Calling Services?

Compared to other calling apps, Talk360 functions in a different manner. An amazing feature for new people is its free test call. Get the app & directly start to perform global calls. This way, you can get an opportunity to see the quality of global calls with Talk360 before you buy call credit.

Another difference from most other calling apps is that the receiver doesn’t need to have internet connectivity. An individual who receives a call does not need to have Talk360 installed & they don’t need to be online. This is a unique difference compared to many other VOIP solutions! Also, you can call landline & mobile phone numbers using the app’s affordable international calling prices. Only the caller is in need of a Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or 5G connection.

Additionally, Talk360 does not require a contract or a new SIM card for it to be effective. You use your phone number as the caller ID. It is not necessary to get a different SIM. Additionally, Talk360 has sufficient training with clear documentation.

Now you know. Experience Talk360 right now. Your first 1-minute call is totally free! Also, if you share the Talk360 calling app, you both can get free credit as soon as your buddy makes the first credit purchase.

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30.000+ reviews
Musa Abubakar Bilya
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The network is very clear
The network is very clear. And small units last very long. This is the best app I used to call my people back home, Africa, the best for international calls smoothly clear, no dolling!!!
Apple App Store review starApple App Store review starApple App Store review starApple App Store review starApple App Store review star
Absolutely a game changer
I just lost my dad and to have this opportunity to be able to speak to my mum every day is amazing. With my mum in England and so far away I feel a weight has lifted knowing she is just a phone call away. What's even better is that it's so reasonable.
Conscience Toperesu
Google Play Store review starGoogle Play Store review starGoogle Play Store review starGoogle Play Store review starGoogle Play Store review star
Excellent connection. Called my family in Zimbabwe and it felt like I was on a local call. I strongly recommend.

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