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Talk360 is the most suitable VOIP solution for making low cost international or local calls to any phone without internet connection across the world. With the Talk360 calling app, you can call any landline or mobile device in Malta. What’s good about that? Only the dialer needs to have the Talk360 calling app installed. The receiver of the call does not even notice that you call via an app. Calling friends, family, clients, or business relations in Malta with the Talk360 app is reliable & saves you a lot of money.

In this guide, we inform you about informative tips on how to call Malta with Talk360, the benefits of the Talk360 international calling app, its differences with other calling services, & finally, we offer you the fun facts about this wholesome country.

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How to Call Malta with Talk360

Keeping in contact with loved ones abroad results in high calling rates & difficult to understand calling criteria. Now, Talk360 makes calling Malta reliable & affordable. With Talk360, you can call Malta at affordable per-minute prices.

To call a landline in Malta from the United States, simply follow these easy to follow calling tips:

  • first dial 011, the U.S. exit code;
  • next dial 356, the country code for Malta;
  • then dial the area code (1-2 digits. See a sample calling code list below);
  • and finally, dial the phone number (5–7 digits).

If calling Malta from on the globe, you just need to do the following:

  • enter the exit code: It’s also referred to as the IDD code (International Direct Dialing) or ISD code (International Subscriber Dialing). For most countries, it’s 00 or +. For the USA and Canada, it’s 011;
  • dialing code: Each country is assigned a unique phone code;
  • area code: This is the code for a part of Malta. It’s usually a simple area or a city;
  • local number: The local number you would like to dial.

Malta has no area codes, only a country code. Which is 356.

You’ve now learned how to call Malta. With Talk360, you simply have to buy credit and enter the mobile number you want to communicate with.

Fun facts about Malta

  • One of The World’s Smallest Countries
    Out of 236 countries Malta ranks 204th in size, and the smallest in the European Union. It is the world’s tenth smallest and fifth most densely populated country.
  • The First Planned Capital City in Europe
    Malta’s capital Valletta, was the first ever planned city in Europe. During the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the city was sketched out, in 1565.
  • Malta was Awarded The George Cross
    King George VI of England awarded Malta the George Cross for its bravery during the Axis Siege in the Second World War. To this day, the George Cross appears on the national flag.
  • More Tourists than Residents
    Yep, there are 3 times more tourists than there are residents on the Maltese islands!
  • Left Hand Drive in Malta
    Malta is one of those countries in the world where people drive on the left side of the road – one of the legacies of former British rule.
  • Three Official Languages in Malta
    They are English, Maltese, and Maltese Sign Language. However, Italian is widely spoken by the Maltese locals. Maltese has been described as sounding like a cross between Italian and Arabic.
  • Historically a Christian Country
    Malta has a long Christian legacy, with Catholicism the official religion.
  • Once Controlled by The Knights of St. John
    Also known as the Knights Templars, the famous elite warriors were given control of the islands in 1530 by Charles V of Spain. They are best known for successfully defending the island against the Ottomans.
  • Malta Was Ruled by Many Empires
    Malta was ruled by several empires throughout history, including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Spanish, Knights Templars, French, and finally the British.
  • An Independent State Since 1964
    Malta gained independence from the UK in 1964, after 160 years of British rule. You’ll find many relics of the British Empire still scattered around Malta today.
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What is Talk360?

Talk360 is an affordable and reliable international calling app that you can use to call any mobile and landline number in the world. Unlike free calling services, the receiver of the call does not need internet, or the app installed.

With Talk360 it is easy to start calling and affordable to keep calling! Who will you call?

The benefits of Talk360

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High call quality

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Affordable rates

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Receiver does not need internet

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Easy to use

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Free test call

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No subscription. No new SIM.

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Local payment methods accepted

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Buy in your local currencies

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14-day money guarantee

What are the Differences with Other Calling Services?

When looking at different calling apps, Talk360 functions in a different manner. It starts with its free test call. Get the international calling app & directly start to make cross-border calls. This way, you have the opportunity to see the amazing call quality of cross-border calls with Talk360 before you add call credit.

Another difference from most other calling apps is that the receiver doesn’t need to have internet connectivity. A person who receives a call does not need to have Talk360 on their phone & they don’t need to connected to internet. This is a unique difference compared to some other VOIP solutions! Besides, you can call landline & mobile phone numbers using the app’s low-cost international calling rates. Only the caller has to have a Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or 5G connection.

Additionally, Talk360 doesn’t require a contract or a new SIM card for it to be useful. You use your phone number as a caller ID. It is not necessary to get a different SIM. In addition, Talk360 has great training with a great helpdesk.

Now you know. Try Talk360 today. Your first 1-minute call is free! Additionally, if you share the Talk360 calling app, you both can get free credit as soon as the person you invited makes the first credit purchase.

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