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Talk360 is the best VOIP solution for making reliable international or local calls to any phone without internet across the world. With the Talk360 app, you can call any landline or mobile number in Ireland. What’s great about that? Only the caller needs to have the Talk360 app on their phone. The receiver of the phone call does not notice that you are calling via an application. Calling friends, family, clients, or business relations in Ireland with the Talk360 app is easy & saves you a lot of money.

In this guide, we inform you about informative tips on how to call Ireland with Talk360, the benefits of the Talk360 app, how it differs to other international calling services, & lastly, we offer you the fun facts about this amazing country.

Let’s get into it!

How to Call Ireland with Talk360

To remain in contact with friends and family abroad results in high rates & confusing calling criteria. For this reason, Talk360 makes calling Ireland reliable & cost-effective. With Talk360, you can call Ireland at low per-minute prices.

To call a fixed line in Ireland from the United States, simply follow these straightforward calling tips:

  • first dial 011, the U.S. exit code;
  • next dial 353, the country code for Ireland;
  • then dial the area code (1-2 digits. See a sample calling code list below);
  • and finally, dial the phone number (5–7 digits).

If calling Ireland from anywhere in the world, you just need to perform the following:

  • type the exit code: It’s also referred to as the IDD code (International Direct Dialing) or ISD code (International Subscriber Dialing). For most countries, it’s 00 or +. For the USA and Canada, it’s 011;
  • country code: Each country is assigned a unique country code;
  • area code: This is the code for a part of Ireland. It’s usually a general area or a city;
  • local number: The local number you would like to dial.

Here is a list of the most populated area codes and town calling codes in Ireland:

Click to expand the list with area codes
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RegionArea Code
Athlone900, 901, 9064, 90650, 909897, 909900, 909901
Athy5986, 5987, 5988, 5989
Ballinasloe9096, 909902, 909903
Belturbet493, 499
Cahirciveen6694, 6695, 6696
Carlow/Muine Bheag/Athy/Baltinglass59
Carrick-on-Shannon7196, 71959
Carrickmacross424, 4295, 4296
Cashel622, 626, 627, 629
Castlebar9490, 94925, 949285, 949286, 949287, 949288, 949289, 949290, 949291
Castleblaney425, 4297, 4298
Castlepollard447, 4495, 4496, 4497, 4498
Castlerea9496, 9498
Cavan494, 496, 497
Cavan/Cootehill/Oldcastle/Belturbet490, 491, 4999
Clones472, 474, 475
Cootehill492, 495
Dingle6691, 6692, 6693
Drogheda/Ardee4120, 4199
Dundalk422, 426, 427, 428, 4290, 4291, 4292, 4293, 4294
Dundalk/Carrickmacross/Castleblaney420, 421, 423, 4299
Edenderry466, 4697, 4698, 469907
Enfield465, 4695, 4696
Ennis652, 653, 654, 655, 656
Ennis/Ennistymon/Kilrush650, 651, 6599
Enniscorthy5392, 531202, 539902
Gorey5394, 531203, 539903
Gort912, 916
Granard437, 438, 4367, 4368, 4369, 43666, 43667, 43668, 43669
Kells462, 4692, 4693
Kildare452, 455, 4510
Kilkenny560, 561, 5677, 5678, 569900, 569901
Killarney6466, 646700, 646701
Killorglin6690, 6697, 6698, 669100
Kilrush658, 659
Kinsale2140, 2141, 2147
Letterkenny740, 741, 7491, 74920, 74960, 74989, 749210, 749211, 749212, 749214, 749888, 749889, 749900
Longford432, 4330, 4331, 4332, 4333
Monaghan473, 476, 477, 478, 479
Monaghan/Clones470, 471, 4791, 4799
Muine Bheag5997
Mullingar/Castlepollard/Tyrrellspass443, 4499
Naas456, 457, 458, 459
Naas/Kildare/Curragh450, 451
Navan460, 461, 467, 468, 4690, 4691, 469900, 469901
Navan/Kells/Trim/Edenderry/Enfield463, 4699
New Ross514
Newcastle West69
Portlaoise570, 571, 5786, 57850, 57859, 578510, 579900, 579901
Scariff616, 619
Sligo710, 711, 7191, 71930, 71931, 71932, 719010, 719330, 719331, 719332, 719334, 719335, 719344, 719401, 719900
The Curragh453, 454
Tipperary623, 624, 625, 628, 6299
Tipperary/Cashel620, 621
Tralee/Dingle/Killorglin/Cahersiveen668, 6670, 6699
Trim464, 4694
Tyrellspass448, 4490, 4491, 4492
Waterford/Carrick-on-Suir/New Ross/Kilmacthomas51999
Wexford530, 531, 5390, 5391, 539900, 539901

You’ve now learned how to dial Ireland. With Talk360, you only have to buy airtime and enter the mobile number you want you want to reach.

Fun facts about Ireland

  • The Longest Place Name In Ireland Is Muckanaghederdauhaulia
  • Halloween Is Irish
    What? Nope, this is one of those cool facts about Ireland that is true! Halloween may have Christian ties, with Allhallowtide beginning a three-day veneration of the dearly departed, but Halloween traditions as we know them to begin with the Celtic festival of Samhain.
  • St Patrick Wasn’t Irish
    Not at all. In fact, he was a regular Romano-British person who was kidnapped and sold into slavery by Irish raiders at age 16. At some point, he escaped and then returned as a missionary to convert the Celtic polytheists of Ireland. Maybe. His life story is shrouded in mystery, but one thing’s for sure – he wasn’t Irish.
  • More Irish People Live Outside Of Ireland Than In Ireland
    This is one of my favorite crazy fun facts about Ireland that is hard to believe! From around 1700, between nine and ten million Irish-born people emigrated. That’s way more than Ireland’s highest population of 8.4 million during the 1840s.
  • Know Your Irish Pub Etiquette
    Okay this isn’t one of those die hard facts about Ireland, but more of a fun bar one! If someone buys you a drink, you buy them a drink back. If you’re in a group, then most likely drinks will be purchased in a “round.” One person buys everyone’s drinks.
  • Students Shouldn’t Stand Under The Bell At Trinity College
    Called the Campanile, this little architectural feature on the grounds of Trinity College is a lovely sight to see. But if you’re a student of Trinity College, you’ll be staying away; superstition states that if you pass under the bell before you graduate, you will fail.
  • The Shamrock Isn’t A Symbol Of Ireland
  • Ireland Is Named After A Goddess
    In Old Irish, she was known as Eriu. In modern Gaelic, it’s Eire. That’s exactly the same name as Ireland is known as in the mother tongue. Eriu, together with her sisters Banba and Fódla, was part of a triumvirate of goddesses that looked out for the general wellbeing of the ancient island nation. Even Banba and Fódla are sometimes used as poetic names for Ireland.
  • Ireland Has Won The Eurovision Song Contest More Than Any Other European Country
  • You Can See The Northern Lights In Ireland
  • Ireland Has Its Own Olympics
    One of the best sports facts about Ireland now. Yes, it has its own Olympics, claimed to predate the actual Olympics. Called the Tailteann Games, this dates back to at least 1600 BC and is a famous edition of “funeral games” – athletic competitions held in honor of a recently deceased person.
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What is Talk360?

Talk360 is an affordable and reliable international calling app that you can use to call any mobile and landline number in the world. Unlike free calling services, the receiver of the call does not need internet, or the app installed.

With Talk360 it is easy to start calling and affordable to keep calling! Who will you call?

The benefits of Talk360

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High call quality

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Affordable rates

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Receiver does not need internet

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Easy to use

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Free test call

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No subscription. No new SIM.

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Local payment methods accepted

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Buy in your local currencies

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14-day money guarantee

What are the Differences with Other Calling Services?

When looking at Talk360’s competitors, Talk360 functions in a very specific manner. First is its free test call. Get the app & be ready to perform international calls. This way, you can get an opportunity to see the reliable call quality of international calls with the Talk360 international calling solution before you add call credit.

Another difference from most competitors is that the receiver doesn’t need internet connectivity. An individual who receives a call does not need to have the Talk360 calling app installed & they don’t need to connected to internet. This is a unique difference compared to some other international calling solutions! Besides, you can call landline & mobile numbers using the app’s inexpensive international calling prices. Only the person who makes the call is in need of a Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or 5G connection.

In addition, Talk360 does not need a contract or a new SIM card for it to be effective. You use your phone number as a caller ID. It is not necessary to get a different SIM. In addition, Talk360 has more than enough training with clear documentation.

Now you know. Experience Talk360 today. Your first 1-minute call is free! Next to that, if you share the Talk360 calling app, you both can get free credit as soon as your friend makes the first credit purchase.

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30.000+ reviews
Musa Abubakar Bilya
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The network is very clear
The network is very clear. And small units last very long. This is the best app I used to call my people back home, Africa, the best for international calls smoothly clear, no dolling!!!
Apple App Store review starApple App Store review starApple App Store review starApple App Store review starApple App Store review star
Absolutely a game changer
I just lost my dad and to have this opportunity to be able to speak to my mum every day is amazing. With my mum in England and so far away I feel a weight has lifted knowing she is just a phone call away. What's even better is that it's so reasonable.
Conscience Toperesu
Google Play Store review starGoogle Play Store review starGoogle Play Store review starGoogle Play Store review starGoogle Play Store review star
Excellent connection. Called my family in Zimbabwe and it felt like I was on a local call. I strongly recommend.

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