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Talk360 is the best VOIP solution for making affordable international or local calls to any offline phone number across the world. With Talk360, you can call any landline or mobile device in Algeria. What’s good about that? Only the dialer needs to have the Talk360 calling app on their phone. The receiver of the phone call doesn’t notice that you are calling via an application. Calling friends, family, clients, or business relations in Algeria with the Talk360 app is simple & saves you a lot of money.

on this page, we tell you about informative tips on how to call Algeria with Talk360, the benefits of the Talk360 app, its differences with other calling services, & in the end, we present you with the fun facts about this wholesome country.

Let’s get into it!

How to Call Algeria with Talk360

Keeping in touch with connections who are in a different country leads to high call prices & confusing calling criteria. Now, Talk360 makes calling Algeria easier & cost-effective. With the Talk360 VOIP solution, you can call Algeria at affordable per-minute prices.

To call a landline in Algeria from the United States, simply follow these easy to follow dialing tips:

  • first dial 011, the U.S. exit code;
  • next dial 213, the country code for Algeria;
  • then dial the area code (1-2 digits. See a sample calling code list below);
  • and finally, dial the phone number (5–7 digits).

If you’re calling Algeria from any country in the world, you simply need to do the following:

  • type the exit code: It’s also referred to as the IDD code (International Direct Dialing) or ISD code (International Subscriber Dialing). For most countries, it’s 00 or +. For the USA and Canada, it’s 011;
  • dialing code: Each country has a unique dialing code;
  • area code: This is the code for a part of Algeria. It’s generally a simple area or a city;
  • local number: The local number you would like to dial.
  • Here is a list of the largest area codes and city calling codes in Algeria.
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RegionArea Code
Bordj Bou Arreridj35
El Oued32

Now you know how to dial Algeria. With Talk360, you simply have to buy credit and enter the mobile number you want you want to reach.

Fun facts about Algeria

  • Algeria is the largest country in Africa.
    In terms of area, Algeria is the largest country in Africa. Encompassing 919,600 miles squared, the country is also tenth largest in the world. However, because most of the land is the Sahara Desert, the concentration of the population is closer to the Mediterranean coast-91% of the population occupies 12% of the total land.
  • It is the only country to mention two countries in its national anthem.
    “Qassaman” is the name of Algeria’s national anthem. It was adopted in 1962 as the national anthem when Algeria won independence from France. The other country mentioned in the national anthem is France because the overall theme of the song was the Algerian fight for independence. At the time that it was adopted, the composers only intended for it to be a temporary national anthem, as it more closely resembles a battle song. However, it has remained to this day.
  • The national animal is the Fennec Fox.
    You may have seen the Fennec Fox before, because it is the world’s smallest fox. They are typically 14 to 16 inches long (plus a 7 to 12-inch-long tail), and weigh between 2 and 3 pounds. Their most distinctive physical feature is their ears, which can be a whopping 4 to 6 inches long. Algeria’s national football (soccer) team is named Les Fennics, after the fox.
  • There are two Nobel Prize winners from Algeria.
    The first one to win was Albert Camus, who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1957. He wrote in French, but was born and raised in Algeria. Camus won the prize because of how he wrote about the dilemmas of human conscience.
    The second one to win was Claude Cohen Tannoudji, who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1997 for his work laser cooling and trapping atoms.
  • The US Army used to import camels from Algeria.
    Starting in the 1850s, the settlers would use camels to travel west and colonize those areas. They used camels because horses and mules couldn’t do the long trip, and camels don’t need to stop as often for water. For that reason, they started buying camels from Algeria. The US military then started to use camels as well up until the end of the US Civil War.
  • Two Algerian films were entered in the foreign language section for the Oscars.
    Chronicle of the Years of Fire (1975) is about the Algerian Revolution, but starts ten years before it started to show the conditions leading up to the war. The film was entered in the 48th Academy Awards in 1976, but wasn’t nominated.
    Outside the Law (2010) is also about the Algerian fight for independence from the point of view of Algerians. It was nominated in the 83rd Academy Awards in 2011, but did not win.
  • Algiers, Algeria has the tallest minaret in the world.

The benefits of Talk360

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High call quality

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Affordable rates

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Receiver does not need internet

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Easy to use

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Free test call

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No subscription. No new SIM.

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Local payment methods accepted

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Buy in your local currencies

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14-day money guarantee

What are the Differences with Other Calling Services?

When looking at Talk360’s competitors, Talk360 functions in a specified manner. First is its free test call. Get the Talk360 calling app & immediately start to perform international calls. This way, you can get an opportunity to experience the quality of cross-border calls with the Talk360 international calling solution before you add call credit.

Another difference from most of the calling apps is that the receiver does not need to have to be connected to the internet. A person who receives a call does not need to have Talk360 on their phone & they don’t need to be online. This is a unique difference compared to several other international calling solutions! Next to that, you can call landline & mobile numbers using the app’s affordable international calling prices. Only the person who makes the call needs a Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or 5G connection.

Next to that, Talk360 doesn’t require a contract or a new SIM card for it to be handy. You use your phone number as the caller ID. It is not necessary to get a different SIM. Additionally, Talk360 has more than enough training with clear documentation.

Now you know. Try Talk360 today. Your first 1-minute call is totally free! Next to that, if you share the Talk360 calling app, you both can get free credit as soon as your buddy makes the first credit purchase.

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