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Talk360 is the most suitable VOIP solution for making affordable international or local calls to any feature phone or smartphone across the earth. With the Talk360 app, you can call any landline or mobile phone in Liberia. What’s great about that? Only the caller needs to have the Talk360 app on their phone. The receiver of the phone call doesn’t notice that you call via an app. Calling friends, family, clients, or business relations in Liberia with the Talk360 app is reliable & saves you a lot of money.

In this blog, we tell you about interesting tips on how to call Liberia with Talk360, the benefits of the Talk360 international calling app, why it’s different from other calling solutions, & in the end, we give you the fun facts about this great country.

Let’s get into it!

How to Call Liberia with Talk360

To remain in touch with loved ones who are in a different country results in high rates & difficult to understand calling criteria. Now, Talk360 makes calling Liberia simple & affordable. With Talk360, you can call Liberia at low per-minute rates.

To call a landline in Liberia from the United States, simply follow these easy to follow calling tips:

  • first dial 011, the U.S. exit code;
  • next dial 231, the country code for Liberia;
  • then dial the area code (1-2 digits. See a sample calling code list below);
  • and finally, dial the phone number (5–7 digits).


If calling Liberia from on the globe, you simply need to perform the following:

  • enter the exit code: It’s also referred to as the IDD code (International Direct Dialing) or ISD code (International Subscriber Dialing). For most countries, it’s 00 or +. For the USA and Canada, it’s 011;
  • dialing code: Each country has a unique phone code;
  • area code: This is the code for a part of Liberia. It’s usually a simple area or a city;  
  • local number: The local number you would like to dial.


Liberia has no area codes, only a country code. Which is 231.

You now understand how to dial Liberia. With Talk360, you only have to buy credit and enter the mobile number you want to call.

Fun facts about Liberia

  • The average resident is under 18 years. According to the CIA World Factbook, the average age of its citizens is 17.9 years. By way of comparison, a typical resident of Monaco, the world’s most elderly country, is 51.1.
  • The world’s biggest cruise ships are registered in Liberia. The cruise industry is regularly accused of flying a “flag of convenience” by registering their ships in countries where employment laws are less stringent.
  • Most Liberians speak English.
  • Liberia has Africa’s cleanest cities. Of the 92 countries to feature, Australia has the least polluted urban areas, followed by Brunei and New Zealand, while Liberia comes 10th, ahead of the likes of Spain, Japan, the US and the UK.
  • Liberia is among the 20 countries on Earth that smoke the fewest cigarettes per capita – just 104 per adult per year.
  • Once one of West Africa’s most lavish hotels, Ducor Palace in Monrovia was popular with moneyed tourists, visiting dignitaries and business people, but political uncertainty led to its closure in 1989 and the former five-star resort has since become home to local squatters.
  • Liberia has a spectacular national park. Sapo National Park is the country’s largest protected reserve and home to 125 types of mammal and 590 types of bird. Among them are a number of threatened species, such as the pygmy hippopotamus and the African golden cat.
  • Liberia is a heaven for surfers. Several surfing beaches can be found in and around Monrovia, but the coastal town of Robertsport, around 50 miles from the capital, has been described as the greatest undiscovered surf spot in Africa, offering vast stretches of deserted beaches.
  • Liberia’s president played football for Chelsea.
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What is Talk360?

Talk360 is an affordable and reliable international calling app that you can use to call any mobile and landline number in the world. Unlike free calling services, the receiver of the call does not need internet, or the app installed.

With Talk360 it is easy to start calling and affordable to keep calling! Who will you call?

The benefits of Talk360

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High call quality

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Affordable rates

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Receiver does not need internet

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Easy to use

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Free test call

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No subscription. No new SIM.

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Local payment methods accepted

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Buy in your local currencies

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14-day money guarantee

What are the Differences with Other Calling Services?

Compared to other calling apps, Talk360 functions in a specified manner. First is its free test call. Get the Talk360 calling app & be ready to make cross-border calls. This way, you can get an opportunity to see the reliable call quality of cross-border calls with Talk360 before you make a purchase.

Another difference from most competitors is that the receiver does not need an internet connection. A person who receives a call doesn’t need to have Talk360 installed & they don’t need to connected to the internet. This is a unique difference compared to some other calling apps! Besides, you can call landline & mobile phone numbers using the app’s affordable international calling prices. Only the person who makes the call has to have a Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or 5G connection.

Next to that, Talk360 does not need a contract or a new SIM card for it to be handy. You use your phone number as a caller ID. It is not necessary to get a different SIM. Additionally, Talk360 has more than enough training with a great helpdesk.  

Now you know. Try Talk360 today. Your first 1-minute call is completely free! Next to that, if you share the international calling app, you both can get free credit as soon as your buddy makes the first call credit purchase.

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