About us

About us

Talk360 is the best App to call international; you can call any mobile and landline phone number in the world. It’s a single purpose app that is understandable for everyone as it resembles the use of a regular mobile phone. Customers use their existing phone number as caller ID, so the receiver does not even notice a difference. As there is no need for the receiver to be online or have the app installed, Talk360 surpasses the limitations of popular free alternatives. With Talk360, it is easy to get in touch and stay in touch with. We provide accessible & easy to use telecom service to our customer base each month.


Talk360 Mission

People of every age, colour, wealth level and nationality – regardless of technical knowledge – want to have personal contact with their families, friends and business relatives abroad.

At Talk360 we believe that reliable communication and digital services should be affordable and accessible for everyone.

We have realised this with our extremely easy to use Talk360 calling App. We connect the online and offline world with our platform and serve both the mature and underbanked markets with our unique online, mobile and cash payment footprint across the globe. As a result, our addressable market is larger than 2 billion end users across the world.

Talk360 History

Most European and US based investors told us that international phone calls are not relevant anymore and thought this was a declining market. But they think from their own positions and forget the billions of people who are less fortunate and for whom it is not a given fact that both the caller and receiver have a proper internet connection. Luckily with the support of investor Brooklyn Ventures, we have proven to solve real life problems.

In 2016 we started our journey from the Amsterdam area in the The Netherlands and Johannesburg, South Africa, with a small team with a strong dedication to our mission to help people with their challenges to connect. The years after that we have opened offices in Lagos (Nigeria) and New Delhi (India) as well.

Like all start-ups, we started with a bumpy ride the first two years proving and improving our solution and convincing large companies across the world to make our services known to their customers as well. Thanks to the persistence of our entrepreneurial team in Europe and Africa we survived the valley of death and since mid-2018 we are growing exponentially. Since all improvements we made, our beloved end users have rewarded us with an amazing 4.5 out of 5 average review.

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Social Impact and Localisation

We wanted to make our technology accessible for everybody in the world and not just for the happy few. That is why we started with:

  • Improving our technology to need and use as little as possible data bandwidth and battery, making our technology second to none.
  • Supporting > 35 local currencies so people can transact in comfort.
  • Supporting 6 languages.
  • Making airtime available via the leading mobile wallets across the globe.
  • Making airtime available via ATM’s and in cash via > 1.000.000 retailer shops all over the world.
  • Our voucher pins can be shared with friends and family and convert to any of the supported currency.
  • Opening our local offices in every continent get more local knowledge on board how to serve our customers in all continents.
  • Creating lots of direct and indirect jobs by re-investing in local people and enabling entrepreneurship.

In 2018 we spend a lot of time and money to also help people across the world to become part of our journey and make a good income for themselves by becoming Talk360 Ambassadors.

Ambassador Portal

Every person in the world can sign up in two minutes and start making a living by sharing free Talk360 gifts within his or her community. As an ambassador, you create a promocode which you can share with everybody. This promocode gives your audience free minutes to call any phone number in the world and convince themselves of the Talk360 solution. If they like it and start buying airtime, you earn a commission on any top-up and see it real-time on your mobile on your own portal.

Do you have any comments, requests or suggestions? Your feedback is most welcome and goes straight to our leadership team: info@talk360.com.