Talk360 WiFi calling app for Android

Call any mobile or landline in the world with our wifi calling app for Android

Talk360 WiFi calling app for Android

Call any mobile or landline in the world with our WiFi calling app for Android

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Your Android calling app to call international

The cheapest international wifi calling app for Android available for mobile and tablet. Install Talk360 calling app for Android, try a free call and receive now 20% extra on your first call credit purchase.


  • Keep your number. With your caller ID, your friends and family see a call from your original phone number. No SIM or new number and no contract or subscription needed.

  • Best international call rates. With our Android calling app, you can make cheap calls for just a few cents per minute, saving you up to 90% on each call.

  • Free wifi calling app for Android. The person you are calling doesn’t need to have the app installed or be online – giving you the freedom to call any mobile or landline in the world.

  • Call your contact list. Talk360 Android calling app links to your contact list so all your friends are 1 click away.

  • Works with any Internet connection. WiFi, LTE, 3G & 4G, you can use it all to call international with our calling App for Android.

  • Top-up how you choose. Easily purchase call credit in our online shop, in-app or with cash from one of over 1 million worldwide points of sale.

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Really impressed, so simple to use. Use it 10 times a day for both local and international calls.
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Very affordable and great reception. Really love it. No more expensive calling card. Very convenience.
Alani Aho
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Work perfectly. calling every day 2 hours from the USA to Israel. There are sales every week.
Nook Nnaki

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